Credit Problems and Poor Credit Can Affect Your Entire Life

Poor credit means more than not being able to get that fancy Jag you always wanted. As a stay at home mom, it is more serious than paying more for auto insurance, or not qualifying for a preferred rate on a loan.

Bad credit can affect every aspect of your life, from your living arrangements to your job to your family. Thats because the credit system was originally built on trust, and once you break that trust it can be a long hard road back to financial security.

You can hurt your credit in many different ways; by paying bills late, or defaulting on loans, or having a car repossessed or a home foreclosed on. Unpaid medical bills, early termination fees on mobile phone or satellite television services, all of these and many other factors can adversely affect your credit standing.

If you have poor or bad credit, you wont be able to get a reasonable rate on a car or home loan - assuming a bank will give you one at all. You might even have trouble qualifying for an apartment or house to rent, and some companies (particularly ones in the high end retail, finance or business arenas) reserve the right to deny employment based on an adverse credit score.

The assumption is that if you cant honor your commitments, you arent to be trusted, and this can hurt you in other areas of your life as well. If you are a stay at home mom, how do you explain to your children why people keep calling on the phone and knocking on your door?

Children are quick to spot a lie, and even quicker to see hypocrisy - and if you cant keep your promises, how can you teach them what it is important? Ethical and religious concerns can come into play here, as well, resulting in an enormous burden of guilt.

The best thing to do is be honest. Explain that you made a mistake, and it will take time to fix, but you are going to try to make up for what you did wrong. They can see how unhappy you are, and you can use this opportunity to come up with ways to save money as a family and get out of debt.

Learning how to manage your money and teaching your children by example may take time, but it will pay off as you start to raise yourself out of debt one month at a time. Your children will learn from watching you and be better able to implement these lessons in their own lives from the beginning.

The stigma attached to debt can drag you down into depression and cause severe damage to your self esteem. Dont despair - you can be debt free if you put your whole heart into the effort.

Trying to dig your way out of the quagmire may seem impossible, but with hard work and conscientious attention to every single penny that goes through your hands, you can rebuild your credit and regain your dignity as well as financial stability.

Author: Rayven Perkins has been a stay at home mom, surviving on one income, for over 8 years. Visit her site for more important information about the pitfalls of poor credit and ways to reduce your expenses.


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I agree that solving financial problems involves the whole family. Even little things count like the kids doing small errands for neighbors or have part time jobs so they won't need to ask for allowance anymore.

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